Fun on Land!

In honour of the 20th Anniversary for the Walleye Classic, we have planned a few special features that will be showcased on the green space at the Lodge as well. There we will have our silent auction, our 50/50, Game and Fish Clothing display as usual, but we are proud to present a few new and exciting extras!

  We will be joined by Westshore Marine and Leisure for a Boat and Leisure display. Come check out a few feature items and talk to the knowlegeable staff about all your boating and sledding needs!

We also have the pleasure of introducing Rick Hall, a very talented and competition winning chainsaw carver to our community.  Rick will begin carving at the sound of the derby horn to the closing horn.

The amazing artwork will then be raffled off.

Tickets are $20.00 each for a chance to win his amazing finished product!

Rick Hall

Rick was born and raised in Wabowden, Manitoba. As a child, I grew up on a trap line and was surrounded by the wilderness and wild life that I have learned to respect. Upon completion of high school, I entered the work force as a logger. Worked as a logger for twenty one years. I completed a Log Home Building Training Course and built my first log home. With years of experience as a logger, chainsaw operator, log home building instructor and my artistic talent, it was then I began to build homes, picnic tables and furniture out of logs. Having gained this experience, I began wild life chainsaw carvings. I started my chainsaw carvings as a hobby but due to instant interest have been selling my carvings.

For the safety of all, the executive has made the difficult decision to cancel both the Ladies Derby and the Walleye Classic for 2020.  Although we will all miss these events, as a responsible non-profit organization, we don’t feel we should draw people from all over to the Narrows and put everyone at risk.

Enjoy your fall and winter, stay safe, and hopefully next year we can bring them back in a safer global environment.

 Lake Manitoba Narrows Game and Fish Association  

2017 Results

20th Annual Walleye Classic: An Event for Everyone

Fun on the Water!

This year's event has a little something for everyone! As per our 20 year tradition, the derby will start at 8 am and run until 4pm. It is a Walleye only Catch and Release Derby with a dinner to follow.  We are pleased to announce that with this year's derby proceeds, we will be donating $500 to the Lake Manitoba Narrows Red Cross Swimming Program!

An Angler's Meet and Greet will be hosted in the dining room of Narrows Sunset Lodge by the President of our club, Dennis Giesbrecht and our Vice President, Clancy Solomon from 6:30 pm - 7pm on Friday Sept. 21, 2018 to go over new rules and regulations for this year's derby and to remind people of the new boat prep, launching and parking area regulations.   (click here for full rules of the derby)

The weigh station will be located at the old Ferry dock, at the South side of the bridge, with lunch available.


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